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Blue Water Advisors and US VetWealth: Empowering E9, O5, and O6 Military Personnel

In today’s world, transitioning from a military career to civilian life can be challenging. Many servicemen and women, particularly those at the E9, O5, and O6 levels, often find themselves at a loss, uncertain about their next steps and how to effectively manage their military retirement benefits. This is where Blue Water Advisors and US VetWealth step in, offering a unique program tailored to the needs of E9, O5, and O6 military personnel. In this blog post, we will dive into their story, their impact, and the invaluable support they provide to those looking to navigate the military-to-civilian transition successfully.

Something Happened to Blue Water Around Christmas Timeframe…

Mike, one of the founders of Blue Water Advisors, began sharing his journey, stating that something significant happened to their organization during the Christmas timeframe, specifically around January 1st. It took him several months to truly comprehend the magnitude of this event. Prior to this turning point, Blue Water Advisors had just completed its second year. Mike realized that they hit a tipping point, where their throughput started to increase dramatically. Blue Water Advisors’ seats were almost fully booked for months, from December all the way to April. This influx of interest and support can be attributed to the significant impact they were making on military personnel transitioning into civilian life.

Scott chimed in, adding that Blue Water Advisors posted about their program and opened up their first cohort in Washington DC. To their amazement, the cohort filled up in just four days. This unprecedented response indicated that they had crossed a threshold and were gaining widespread recognition. Their program successfully guided and supported 250 individuals through the transition process, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

The Birth of a Unique Platform

Scott mentioned that he had an idea to build a platform for his own needs, after witnessing the power of Blue Water Advisors’ program. He realized the uniqueness of Mike’s approach and recognized the immense value it brought to military retirement planning. As someone with over a decade of experience in the military retirement space, Scott was impressed by the specific strategies implemented by Blue Water Advisors.

Scott saw an opportunity to leverage the digital landscape to further expand the reach and impact of Blue Water Advisors’ resources. He understood the challenges faced by startups and organizations in the initial stages, often struggling to keep up with rapid growth. Thus, the idea of a comprehensive online platform emerged. This platform aimed to provide access to a wealth of information and foster an online community, making the transition process smoother not only for Mike’s program but also for other individuals and organizations operating in this space.

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