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We help you navigate your financial opportunities without the complexity and risk, so that you can fully control your time, talent, and treasure.

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Your Income Is Different. Your Plan Should Be Too.

The unique financial challenges and opportunities that are only available to those who have served a career in the United States Armed Forces deserve better than a standardized approach to financial services. 

We know a better way. You don't need financial advice. You need to become a Post-Military Private Investor.

We will work along side you and use a proven process. We teach you our proprietary income planning strategy because you deserve more than just having someone tell you to save more for retirement.

"At US VetWealth we do things differently. Our fresh approach honors and values your years of service."

-Scott R. Tucker, Founder & US Army Veteran

Who We Help

Career Military Families & Private Investors

What Stage Of SERVICE Are you in?

We understand the financial lifecycle of the career military family better than anyone else. Your income, benefits and lifestyle will change as you progress from active duty life, through military retirement, and into a stress free post-military life. 

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Active Duty & Reserves

With the day-to-day tasks of military life, understanding and maximizing your benefits is often overlooked and overwhelming. We take the confusion out of managing your finances by simplifying your needs and goals with our unique strategies. 

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Military Retirement & Transition

Military retirement is the hardest decision to plan for because it'll dictate the rest of your life. We ensure that you make the most informed decisions by educating you on the financial advantages and disadvantages of retiring from the military.

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Post-Military Life & Legacy 

If you are a veteran family with multiple assets and/or sources of income, your financial situation is abundant, yet complicated. We are here to protect what you've earned, maximize your return on investment, give you access to better solutions, and guarantee the legacy you want to leave.


The Benefits of Planning for Income vs Retirement

why does operating like a private investor work better?

Retirement Pension & VA Disability Protection

You can keep more money in your pocket when you understand the advantages and disadvantages of paying a 6.5% pension tax for the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) and increasing VGLI payments.

Reduce Lifetime Taxes

Retirees today are shocked to find the money they saved in retirement accounts, real estate, and businesses are taxed at income rates far higher than expected. We've learned from their costly mistakes and show you how to avoid these taxes. 

Guaranteed Investment Income

Recent global events have demonstrated that the economy is unpredictable and the future is uncertain. When you strategically plan for income, you avoid these risks and ensure you never outlive your savings.  

Flexibility & Control

When you plan for income, you no longer have to wait 30 years or more to use your hard earned savings. You can access it whenever you need it and you don't have to take risky stock market gambles to get a return on investment. 

How an independent income investor

"A plan for income is a plan for life"

why we are different

a message from the founder


I'm  Scott

Did you know that if your family earns or plans on earning at least $200K annually, then you are already in the top 1% of military and veteran income-earners in the United States?

Unfortunately, the standard financial planner is trained to give retirement advice that often overlooks and undervalues your unique situation. 

At US VetWealth, we recognize your success. We value your worth.

Our strategies are intentionally designed for the career military family that wants to take control of their income, benefits, and legacy. 

Your served for it. You earned it.

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Scott R. Tucker, Founder of US VetWealth

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