What do I do with my TSP after Retirement?

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Make the Best Investment Decision

The majority of military retirees are putting their retirement assets at a significant risk by relying on the generalized advice provided to them by official DOD transition seminars that have paid no attention to the specific circumstances of the service member.

TSP is quick to point out that you can always just leave your money in their loving embrace because, you know…low fees and all. But as you’re pondering this decision, ask yourself this question… "What other risks am I subjecting my retirement savings to?”

Here's a hint... market risk, inflation risk, sequence of returns risk, life longevity risk... to name a few.  

Protecting the principal of your retirement savings is at the forefront of The War Chest  Strategy.

In order to ensure that your money doesn’t lose buying power, we have to maintain or beat inflation; that’s why we utilize strategies that have consistently provided the best opportunities for growing your assets while also protecting what you’ve already built.

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Principle Protection
  • Guarantee Lifetime Income
  • Avoid Unnecessary Fees

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How to get started

With US VetWealth’s War Chest Strategy, we cover four primary goals: Principal Protection, Growth Opportunities, Avoiding Unnecessary Fees, and Guaranteed Lifetime Income. Most of all, you can guarantee yourself another income stream for life!

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