The Best Life Insurance For Military Retirees | Index Universal Life 

Using an IUL Private Pension strategy we insure the income producing potential of your life, giving you better ways to grow and manage your wealth & legacy.

From Active Duty to Veteran to Leaving A Legacy

The IUL supports a lifetime of financial needs and goals for Military Retirees.

  • Career Military Family
  • Military Retirement
  • High Income Veteran
  • Veteran Retirement
  • Family Legacy

Whether you are just beginning or are established in your career, the IUL can make your life easier by simplifying much of the financial strategy you need. Click below to learn more about each IUL concept design. 

Designing a Private Pension System

Military life is a series of transitions. We help you with the biggest transition of all: post-military life. Having an IUL can help you minimize taxes and maximize your assets so that you have access to your financial resources when you need them the most. 

Whether you are focused on investment accumulation, military retirement or income maximization, the Private Pension System shows you how index universal life insurance can help protect your family, replace the SBP & VGLI, provide supplemental retirement income, and efficiently pass on your estate.

Low Taxes & Liquidity

Our signature Private Pension System uses life insurance cash value to supplement retirement distributions, which results in a lower effective tax rate in retirement. It's also liquid, and therefore available when you need it, no matter what reason.

  • Build a liquid savings account to support your transition to civilian life.
  • Access your savings for an investment opportunity such as a franchise or real estate. 
  • Pre-Pay retirement income taxes at today's low rate before taxes go up

How We Design the Private Pension For You

Our strategy uses the most innovative investment grade life insurance on the market today. It's called an Un-Capped Index Universal Life, or "IUL" for short. The difference is in the design. 

The traditional approach is to buy the most death benefit for the least required premium. With this new approach, we help you buy the lowest amount of death benefit required for a desired investment amount to meet IRS tax-free guidelines.

This means that you can contribute as much as you want, at the lowest possible costs, to access the tax advantages and no-risk growth that only an IUL can offer. 

Tax-Free Forever

Avoid paying any future capital gains or income tax on withdrawals of your cash value for investments or retirement.

Zero Risk Growth

Remove market volatility with a zero percent floor & 80% upside index insurance strategy.

Cash Liquidity

Avoid penalties and limitations so that you can access your money at any time you need it for any reason.

Long Term Care & Death Benefits

God forbid something happens to your health or life, your family will not suffer financially. 

how we help

Private Pension System: Your Most Valuable Asset Class

If you could dream up the perfect asset class, would it look something like this?

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free income (non-reportable income)
  • Tax-free death benefit (self-completing plan)
  • Participate up to double-digit market gains
  • Lock-in gains that "reset" (rachet effect)
  • Protection from losses via 0% guarantee
  • Liquidity: able to borrow/access your own money
  • No RMDs at age 70, No 10% penalty pre age 59.5
  • High Income earners can participate
  • No Annual IRA contribution limits
  • Flexible contributions (not  "use it or lose it")
  • Long term total costs comparable to mutual funds

All of these are attributes of the Private Pension System

The ability to adjust to a rapidly changing environment is known to be a blessing and a curse among military families. In the civilian world, the changes that life inevitably will bring can having much greater financial implications to the upside benefit to your family or the risk of losing it all. 

The LIFE-TSP is the only strategy that defends against catastrophic loss and gives you the offensive potential of protected investment growth.

Traditional Retirement Acct. (TSP, 401k, IRA)

ROTH Retirement Acct. (TSP, 401k, IRA)

Certificate of Deposit

Municipal Bonds

Rental Property Income

Private Pension System

No Annual Investment Limits


Income Tax-Free death benefits


Tax-Free Withdrawals


Tax-Advantaged Accumulation


No-Risk Investment


Long Term Care Benefits


How A Private pension system works

A private pension uses indexed universal life (IUL) insurance designed to provide a tax-free death benefit for your loved ones after you’re gone and help you create a lasting legacy. 

For career military families, it also offers the opportunity for tax-advantaged growth through multiple indexed interest strategies and a fixed account. With the Private Pension System account using the features of index universal life policy, your money does not directly participate in the market and a guaranteed minimum floor rate ensures your account will never have a negative rate or return, even during market declines.

Flexible options give you access to your policy’s cash value to use for unexpected emergencies, life events and a source of supplemental retirement income.

Please keep in mind:

This material is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any asset. It does not take into account your specific investment objectives and tax situation.  

Please schedule a call with a US VetWealth Private Pension System and IUL expert to learn how this strategy could work for you. 

  • IUL insurance policies are not stock market investments, do not directly participate in any stock or equity investments, and do not receive dividends or participate in capital gains.
  • Be sure to choose a product that meets long-term life insurance needs, especially if personal situations change – for example, marriage, birth of a child or job promotion.
  • Weigh the costs of the policy, and understand that life insurance has fees and charges that vary with sex, health, age and tobacco use.
  • All guarantees and benefits of the insurance policy are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

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