War Chest Academy Live [Module 02] – Replacing SBP for Military Retirees Earning $250K+

The War Chest Solution: Empowering Military Retirees with Choice

What You’ll learn in this module.

Discover financial independence post-service with US VetWealth's unique strategies for high-earning military retirees. Learn about our 'War Chest' strategy, a wealth insurance solution tailored to your goals and circumstances.

Uncover the potential of life insurance as an income protection tool and navigate the complexities of the Survivor Benefit Plan with our expert guidance.

How to Easily Decide SBP

Knowledge about the importance of the Survivor Benefit Plan decision and its implications on your retirement income.

Understanding Life Insurance as an Income Protection Tool

We utilize life insurance not just as a safety net, but as a proactive tool to protect and grow your income, ensuring financial independence."

Rewards for Good Health

Control the impact of your health on insurance and the Survivor Benefit Plan.

Planning for High Income and High Net Worth

Unlock your financial potential post-service with our specialized planning for high-income military retirees. 

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War Chest Academy Live Series

Real Financial Solutions for Military Retirees

The War Chest Academy Video Series gets to the heart of your financial concerns after military life. With 15 years in the field, we understand the ins and outs of replacing SBP, TSP, VGLI, etc.., and we're ready to guide you through your retirement planning with practical, straightforward advice.

Practical Webinars: Learn from experts who lay out the facts clearly.

Personalized Advice: Strategies designed with your military benefits in mind.

Focused Attention: We work with a limited number of retirees to ensure you get the guidance you need.

Zero-Cost Consults: Talk to us about your financial future without any obligation.

Step 1

Visit War Chest Academy Live & Military Retirement Blueprint Library

Step 2

Schedule Your Free Military Retiree Pay & Benefits Appraisal

Step 3

We Design & Qualify 

for a War Chest as a 

Protected Private Pension

How does our process work?

Begin by immersing yourself in our wealth of content. Take your time to understand our approach and philosophy.

When you're ready to delve deeper, we invite you to schedule a complimentary appraisal. During this session, we'll address your specific questions and begin the steps for a tailored demonstration. This process helps us pinpoint your primary challenges or objectives.

If we agree there's potential to work together, we'll discuss the qualifying steps for our partnership.

us vetwealth appraisal

What Are You Worth as a Military Retiree?

Regardless of your objectives, we need to start by assessing your situation. What makes us different is that we address the military retirement challenges first. 

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