Better Than Benefits: A Strategy to Wealth

Your military pension isn't just a retirement plan - it's an untapped reservoir of wealth, waiting to be discovered.

What's inside the book?

You served at least 20 years... Have you ever thought about how you can get the most out of your military pension?

If you're a military retiree, "Don't Forget Your War Chest" is your guide to a wealthier, more secure retirement.

It reveals the War Chest Strategy—a powerful way to optimize your military pension, privatize your income, and safeguard your future earnings.


Why read the book?

A current, relevant, and credible resource

"Don't Forget Your War Chest' is the current, relevant, and credible resource you need for a confident career progression."

Mike Wallace
Captain, USN (R) | CEO Blue Water Advisors

Exposing the good, bad, and ugly of military retirement benefits

"For the first time ever, I can honestly say that someone with scary skills and an unparalleled level of integrity has MY BACK. US VetWealth is pulling open the curtain and exposing the good, bad, and ugly behind what military families are being sold. Thank you. Truly."

Stephanie Brown
Seasoned Military Spouse | Founder, The Rosie Network
Replace Uncertainty with Confidence

Facing life post-retirement can be daunting. With clear, actionable strategies, you can now make confident decisions about declining SBP.

Discover Alternatives to SBP

The Survivor Benefit Plan isn't your only option. Learn about alternatives that provide more favorable outcomes.

Balance Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Discover how the War Chest strategy provides a balanced approach by incorporating both offensive growth accounts and defensive insurance elements.

Embrace a High-Income Earner Mindset

High-income earners have a different approach to money. Understand the strategies they use and how to apply them to your own financial planning.

Who should read this book?

This book primarily highlights the SBP decision as a case study, but the War Chest concept extends far beyond this singular instance—it's a vital asset for any high-earning military retiree, spouse, or veteran.

Consider this book as your gateway to understanding advanced tax mitigation and wealth management strategies. These principles are applicable in a multitude of circumstances, encompassing both personal finance and business considerations.

  • Career Officers & NCOs
  • Seasoned Military Spouses
  • Retired Veteran Owned Businesses
  • Military Transition Specialists
  • Financial Professionals
  • Veteran's Benefits Consultants


Exclusive Series for 2023 SBP Open [Dis]Enrollment

 If you are already retired, hurry and read this book, you have until Jan 1st, 2024 to qualify for an alternative!

Each edition showcases a specific case study related to a rank and time in service at retirement. Choose the edition that is closet to your situation.

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