Retired Military Life Insurance Planning

Defend your income. Enjoy your life. 

We insure the income producing potential of your life.

Your ability to produce income throughout life is your greatest asset. We believe that the purpose of life insurance is to ensure the income producing potential of an individual. With this new income-focused approach, along with the new and improved versions of term and permanent insurance, you can now see a return on investment while you're still alive. We treat insurance as an asset class because it is.

When we say “income replacement”, we mean exactly what we say. Life Insurance Planning will replace your income so that your family doesn't suffer financially when something happens to you or if they need money for college tuition or medical bills etc... But we are also talking about replacing your income long before your gone. That's how we're different. We aren't worried about your death, we are excited about your life. 

Why Choose Us VetWealth

We are the first Veteran-Owned financial services company that doesn't try to fit you into a box with everyone else. 

Flexible Cost Structures

Your income is going to fluctuate. We know that. We will design a plan to fit your changing needs. 

Military Benefits Expertise

As Veterans, we are personally and professionally experienced to help career military families.

Individualized & Proprietary 

As brokers, we have access to the top insurance carriers and proprietary solutions allowing us the unique ability to customize a plan for you not available anywhere else. 

Personalized Consultation

You are more than just another service member and a transaction. Our strategies are designed to honor who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. 

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 Insurance Uniquely Designed For Military Retirees

A Design to match your benefits

Permanent Universal Insurance

Permanent universal insurance works more like an asset such a real estate investment property. You can build tax-free equity to use later and guarantee a legacy. High income earners leverage modern permanent insurance to manage their wealth without complexity.

Convertible Term Insurance

The easiest way to replace costly government insurance such as SGLI, VGLI and SBP is with modern convertible term insurance. This gives you flexibility to add a permanent policy when your income demands it. 

Chronic Illness Insurance

Your VA Disability benefits are well earned for today. Unfortunately they won't cover future medical issues and costs your may face. That's why we add chronic illness insurance to every plan at no additional cost. 

Retirement Income Insurance

Life insurance is about protecting income. But there is a misconception that you have to die for someone to benefit. That's not true! With modern permanent insurance and annuities we can insure your income for when you need it. 

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