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Get Qualified Now

You Served For It. You Earned It. 

We help you live your best post-military life by maximizing your military retirement and benefits.

The US VetWealth way to Military retirement

It's hard to plan for the unknown.

Especially when no one is giving you orders anymore. In post-military retirement life, there is no chain of command. No field guide or manual. There are no 6am drills to prepare you for a fast-changing world.


It's Time to Stop Following Orders

Financial Control

Protect yourself personally, professionally and financially for the uncertainty ahead. Gain Peace of Mind.


Take charge of YOUR future, your way. Learn Self Reliance and Control.


Have an investment plan that focuses on YOU, not your money.  Create Purpose & Flexibility.

While most financial advisors sell you on out-dated and costly investments for military retirement... 

At US VetWealth we help you strategize to use your time, money and assets for who you are meant to become.

The Path to Autonomy and Control

Step 1. Book a Consultation

After you take the Wealth & Liberty assessment we will conduct a discovery call to determine if you would be a good fit for our program.

Step 2. Execute Customized Strategy

We will design a strategy with you to protect and maximize your financial potential. Now you'll be able to capitalize on opportunities that fit the identity you aspire to become.

Step 3. Achieve Autonomy & Financial Control

With a new focus on financial control to you'll identity be able to redefine your identity and create the autonomy you want.

Your Rank and MOS Don't Limit Your Military Retirement Potential.

As a service member, you have dedicated your life to the protection, security, and freedom of others. As a veteran, you have the opportunity to do the same for yourself. 

Now is the time to ask yourself:
•What dream have you been putting on hold while you served your country?
•What value do you now want to add to the world?
•What passions can money help you to enjoy?
•What do you want your life to look like beyond the military?

No one outranks you when it comes to deciding how you want to live your life or what you ought to do with your money. Here at US VetWealth, we will give you options, but you’re the one giving the orders.

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