War Chest Academy Live [Module 00]: The US VetWealth Model -  wealth insurance

A New Strategy for Transitioning from Military Retirement to Income Independence with Confidence

What You’ll learn in this module.

The webinar introduces the concept of wealth insurance, a strategic way of using life insurance and annuities to safeguard income without the stress of volatile market risks. Learn to place a high value on your income and life when making financial decisions and explore the potential of high-income opportunities post-retirement.

Our unique War Chest strategy is a crucial part of the model, offering a flexible financial planning method that adapts to changes in risk tolerance and financial goals. We wrap up with a critique of the traditional financial industry's approach, underlining the need for a more individualized, system-based financial planning approach.

Understand Your Unique Advantages As Military Retirees

Knowledge about the importance of the Survivor Benefit Plan and its implications on your retirement

Utilize The Concept of Income Independence

Traditional retirement planning, with its focus on building a nest egg and reliance on stock market performance, can often lead to worry. Wouldn't a system that prioritizes privatizing your income be more beneficial?

Upgrade to Wealth Insurance with The War Chest Strategy

The War Chest Strategy is more than a financial plan, it's a financial shield. It's about making sure that whatever happens, your wealth is protected.

The Importance of Health

Traditional financial models may overlook your unique profile, potentially costing you. We focus on accurate representation, ensuring your health and longevity are factored into your financial planning.

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War Chest Academy Live Series

Real Financial Solutions for Military Retirees

The War Chest Academy Video Series gets to the heart of your financial concerns after military life. With 15 years in the field, we understand the ins and outs of replacing SBP, TSP, VGLI, etc.., and we're ready to guide you through your retirement planning with practical, straightforward advice.

Practical Webinars: Learn from experts who lay out the facts clearly.

Personalized Advice: Strategies designed with your military benefits in mind.

Focused Attention: We work with a limited number of retirees to ensure you get the guidance you need.

Zero-Cost Consults: Talk to us about your financial future without any obligation.

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What Are You Worth as a Military Retiree?

Regardless of your objectives, we need to start by assessing your situation. What makes us different is that we address the military retirement challenges first. 

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