US VetWealth Community Partner: Blue Water Advisors

US VetWealth’s Community Partner: Blue Water Advisors

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, it’s refreshing to find partnerships that are built on collaboration and mutual support. One such partnership that truly embodies this spirit is the alliance between US VetWealth and Blue Water Advisors. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique attributes of this non-competitive collaboration and shed light on the shared goals and values that drive these two organizations.

A Perfect Match: US VetWealth and Blue Water Advisors

When Mike, the visionary behind Blue Water Advisors, first crossed paths with US VetWealth, he knew he had found a kindred spirit. Both organizations may operate in the same space, but their collaboration is far from competitive. Mike explains, “There’s no doubt that we have a very similar customer base, but we’re absolutely meeting two separate needs.” This understanding forms the foundation of their partnership, setting the stage for a powerful alliance.

Mutual Awareness and Support

To ensure a successful partnership, strong communication and awareness are crucial. Scott, from US VetWealth, recognizes the value of being up-to-date with the developments in Blue Water Advisors’ world. He highlights the importance of reciprocal awareness, saying, “Awareness of what I’m doing in your world and awareness of what you’re doing in my world.” This knowledge exchange allows both organizations to better serve their customers and address their specific needs.

The Challenge: Encouraging Engagement

While the collaboration between US VetWealth and Blue Water Advisors has been fruitful, both organizations recognize the need to encourage greater engagement. Mike expresses his desire to see more members clicking on the resources provided. He believes that the key lies in understanding the problem they aim to solve better. This motivation led him to write a book that offered invaluable insights and solutions. Mike is eager to distribute printed copies to members, making it accessible and easier for them to engage.

The partnership between US VetWealth and Blue Water Advisors exemplifies the power of collaboration and shared values. By recognizing the unique needs of their audience and empowering them through education, these organizations are making a profound difference in the lives of veterans. With their eyes set on the future, both US VetWealth and Blue Water Advisors are poised to continue their impactful journey, blazing a trail for others in their industry to follow.

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