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The Costly Mistake of Not Rewarding Health in Retirement

Retirement is a time for military officers to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, many of these retirees make a costly mistake by not rewarding themselves for their health. As military officers, they are healthier than the average American and it’s important to remember that when considering their post-military life.

Medical Records and the Military Disability Process

One of the common mistakes that military retirees make is getting everything on their medical records done properly. This process can be time-consuming and tiring, especially if they have a condition that requires follow-up. While it’s important to get everything documented, too often retirees put too much emphasis on the medical and disability process, which can backfire. This can make them feel more sick and broken and might cost them more down the road when it comes to medical underwriters.

Comparing Options Outside of the Military

It’s important to remember that when the medical underwriters from insurance corporations do their analysis and pricing, they are looking at the actuary tables for the entire population, not just the military. Retirees should not compare themselves to their peers but instead, compare their options and opportunities on the outside. They have earned the right to focus on their health and not just be considered a piece of equipment.

Expert Help from US VetWealth

At US VetWealth, we understand the importance of getting rewarded for your health. As brokers, we have access to the entire industry and can help retirees find alternative programs that better suit their needs. We have helped many military retirees translate the misconceptions that come from VA disability records and make sure that their medical records don’t hurt them in any way. Our goal is to make sure that retirees are rewarded for their health, and not just taking the military benefits because they are available.

Focus on Your Health and Get the Most Out of Post-Military Life

In conclusion, it’s important for military retirees to remember that their health is valuable and should be rewarded. By focusing on alternative programs and not just the military benefits, retirees can free up some of the stress from dealing with the medical and VA disability process. It’s time to reposition their time, talent, and treasure and get the most out of their post-military life. To get started, Schedule a Call today.

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