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For the first time ever, I can honestly say that someone with scary skills and an unparalleled level of integrity has MY BACK. US VetWealth is pulling open the curtain and exposing the good, bad, and ugly behind what military families are being sold. Thank you. Truly.

Scott continues to contribute his time and resources to make the Military Transition process easier to navigate, putting them in a stronger position to take care of their family during their post-military life. Thanks for putting in such a substantial effort to take care of our community, Scott!

I knew that if the government told me something was good for me, it probably wasn’t telling me the whole truth. I just didn’t know where to go for other options to the Survivor Benefit Plan and other life insurance and wealth management products. US VetWealth exposed the secrets behind SBP and Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) - critical decisions I needed to make upon retirement. They remain focused on my goals and not what makes them the most money. I enjoy my partnership with US VetWealth and know they have our veterans’ best interests at heart. I don’t want to do business anywhere else.

Greg Lee
LTC, US Army

US VetWealth has been great in speaking the truth and "keeping it real". Scott is very passionate about supporting his fellow servicemembers and willing to talk about the topics that other may feel uncomfy to address the elephant in the room. I would highly recommend getting his book, 'Veteran Wealth Secrets' and reaching out to Scott if you think you need guidance.I related heavily to what Scott Tucker talked about in his book 'Veteran Wealth Secrets'- it discusses many topics that others may shy away from or not discuss; however, they NEED to be talked about.

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When you are ready to implement your customized strategy, we will work with you through the qualification process to design and implement your new wealth management plan. This includes access to safe-money investments and insurance products only available with the War Chest Strategy™.

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Once your War Chest Strategy™ is implemented, you no longer have to worry about putting off planning for the future. You'll now have the peace of mind to leverage or protect your wealth, no matter how you choose to live your life or whatever life throws at you.

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A Simple Step-By-Step Method To Turn -$150K Sunken Costs Into A $350K+ Asset Without Putting Your Family At Risk

The US VetWealth War Chest Strategy™ is the only financial strategy that secures your wealth and legacy no matter what stage of life you are in.  

Watch this real-life example of how the War Chest Strategy™ solved a costly government Survivor Benefit Plan problem and created a safe investment and insurance alternative. 

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Scott R Tucker

"Most Veterans believe they’re only meant to serve someone else, they’re not meant to be wealthy, when ironically, it’s wealth that allows you to serve many."


I'm Scott R. Tucker, a former Army Officer, a West Point grad, author of four books, and a podcast host. I'm also a veteran frustrated at the lazy financial education and career limitations imposed on our community.  My new mission is to teach career military, retiring veterans, and veteran business owners the truth about the financial services industry and what you can do to get out from under the costly "financial expert" trap. I teach servicemembers and veterans how to create the financial flexibility and control that is REQUIRED to build wealth in the modern economy. 

When I left the Army in 2008 and became a financial planner, I began an eye-opening journey that led to the discovery that traditional financial advice (even from fiduciaries) is designed to benefit the money managers on Wall Street, not you. 99% of financial advisors have no idea they're blindly leading their clients into mediocrity. If we've learned anything in the post 9/11 era, it’s that veterans want a sense of purpose, and trading time for money to hopefully save enough for retirement doesn't cut it. 

That's why I created US VetWealth in 2018. Our mission is to impact 1000 military families and veterans through modern financial education that fits today's times (most financial advice is still based on how the stock market worked before the internet age!!!). We offer access to safe investment strategies and the confidence to meet your life goals as they evolve, rather than locking yourself into a 40+ year plan with zero guarantees. We help you create a WAR CHEST for your wealth, to give you financial stability and flexibility for whatever post-military goals are meaningful to you and your family.

Scott R. Tucker, Founder of US VetWealth