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The Ultimate Guide to Military Life Insurance For Veterans


LTC (R) - US Army

Thank you, Scott. You really opened my eyes to the possibilities of making my money work for me in a tailored solution that makes sense for my personal situation, maintaining security while allowing wealth generation with the flexibility to adjust going forward as means, needs and goals change. I think all transitioning service members should take advantage of your advice and services.

V. Moore US Army Radiologist

Scott has accomplished tremendous work with helping active duty military and veterans - I highly recommend him to those service members looking to achieve the best life insurance planning and financial planning possible.

A Better Survivor Benefit Plan Alternative

Everything you need to decide how you want to begin funding a new plan for your future. 

Survivor Benefit Plan Alternative

June 8

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November 8

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January 8

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[eBook] Better Survivor Benefit Plan Alternative

Explore our most popular Survivor Benefit Plan Resources. 

Your Life and Military Retirement Book Cover

The Risks of Out-Dated Products & Advice

Term & Group Life Insurance

When used intentionally, life insurance can be classified as an asset class that insures the income producing potential OF A LIFE. The doesn't mean you have to die to use it! The Military and Veteran community have been sold a bag of mediocre advice and insurance products for decades, both from the government "benefits" and the financial industry "experts,"  when often, neither seem to be what they say they are.

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Term Insurance & SGLI/VGLI

November 8, 2021


October 14, 2021


January 8, 2022


June 8, 2020


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Military Retirement and Pay Calculators


How to use the Military Retirement Calculators

Calculators can be found here.

A New & Improved Approach to Military Life Insurance

- Cash Value - Risk Free Growth - Tax Free Liquidity - No Limits - Long Term Care - Wealth Protection - 
military financial planing 2.0
Modern Military and Veterans Insurance and Wealth Planning

A surviving spouse who wants to make sure they won't have any

Retiring military personnel and spouses who wish to continue their VGLI coverage

Read the FIRST Article in this series. Life insurance innovation is just

What’s the first thing that you think about when you hear the

There's Is a better way to do life insurance for Military & Veterans

I have written a lot about military life insurance for veterans, but I am far from some sort of insurance nut. I’m just a guy who got out of the military without a plan and stumbled into the financial services industry.  After a few years, I realized that few of the so-called experts were paying attention to how improvements in life insurance technology and the resulting changes in the modern economy were impacting the lives of veterans, especially when it comes to creating and protecting income and pay benefits. I found the status quo guidance to be just wrong for what career service members were telling me they wanted. That's why I created US VetWealth, to do my best to solve these problems. I look forward to getting to know you and seeing how I can help!

- Scott R. Tucker

USMA '02

Author - "Veteran Wealth Secrets"  

Scott cut out

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