Veteran Wealth Secrets:

How to Create Financial Control in the Decade Ahead

How to Work with US VetWealth

We aren't here to offer you a "holistic financial plan" that does nothing except attempt to justify the need for you to buy investment and insurance. Instead, we focus on solving problems and offering soltiions so that you can get the opportunities you want after the mlitary without risking you money in the stock market or risking your time in a career you hate.

Step 1: Visit The Education Hub to Learn More

We address many topics, start with the most important content that can help you RIGHT NOW. 

Step 2: Attend A Virtual Training (Case Studies)

When you are ready to learn more about a specific solution or opportunity then register to see how you can qualify.

Step 3: Apply For Qualification

Not everyone will be a good fit for our strategies.  But after you've attended out education, you'll know.

Overview of USVW Services

Overview of Services For Active Duty, Career Military, and Veterans

No matter where you are in your military career, US VetWealth can help you take advantage of the opportunities in the modern economy.  Now is your opportunity to avoid the typical costly retirement savings trap and protect your human capital for the future of you and your family.  

Our Most Requested Resources:

Military and Veteran Life Insurance Planning

WEBINAR & EBOOK: The Better Survivor Benefit Plan Alternative

Why are Retired Military encourage to pay a 6.5% tax on their military pension to pay for a system created in 1972 and had no return on investment unless the Veteran dies early.  This is UNACCEPTABLE and the standard solutions aren't much better.  That's why we created the Survivor Liberty Plan. 

The Veteran Retirement Myth

WEBINAR & EBOOK: The Veteran Retirement & TSP Rescue

Your retirement savings are facing the biggests risks of the last Century... and almost NO ONE is talking about it.  Especially not your standard financial advisor who makes their money from fees on your assets that they claim to manage for you.  Learn the truth about how retirement accounts work, the risks to your money today, and what to do about it!

Transition Savings Plan eBook Cover

EBook: The Transition Savings Plan

The biggest opportunity of your military career IS you transition.  But only if you are financially prepared for the opportunity.  This eBook will teach you the 6 Steps you need to take to prepare for post-military life in the 21st Century. 


Discover How to Double Your Military Pension AND Reduce Your Taxable Income by 50% In Just 10 Years!

One of our most popular strategy designs is meant for those who want financial freedom to retire early.  Minimum requirements to qualify is a total gross income greater than $150K annually. 

With this strategy, in just 10 years of funding you can create a second tax free pension that could double your income withour increasing your taxes one dime.

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The Show for Military Spouses

Military families are far from the average American family. While on active duty, families learn resilience, resourcefulness, time management, organizational skills, flexibility, delayed gratification and, of course, how to establish a new normal after every PCS. Our show is dedicated to making the lives of the active duty military spouses easier by curating knowledge, resources and relevant stories so you can continue to make confident and informed decisions for your family.

The Show for Veterans Who Want Autonomy & Financial Control

We’ve been told this story that, “if you check all of these boxes, if you do all of these great things, you will be happy.” But why do many of us still feel unfulfilled? Welcome to the Veteran Wealth Secrets where we give you the education, tools and solutions to go from feeling unrewarded to becoming autonomous with three simple concepts to guide us: identity, self development and financial control.

Learn the Secrets for Networking in the Modern Age. 

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