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Your  Benefits

Aren't Benefiting You. 

3 Hidden Problems at Military Retirement

Mistakes made before retiring from the military are costing Veterans Millions. At US VetWealth these are the main things we tackle for military families so that you can keep all of what you've earned. 

Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Costs & Limitations

Did you know that SBP costs the average military retiree over $100K in payments to the Government! That's money that would be better used as an investment for your future. We will help you redirect your SBP costs into a modern solution we call the Spouse Benefit Plan. Our strategy turns the SBP cost into an investment that protects your pension and gives you a guaranteed return on investment no matter when you use it.

Thrift Savings Plan & Retirement Account Risk

The TSP gives Veterans a false sense of security about their retirement savings. In fact, the Government offers TSP as a benefit with vague explanations and advice about how to use it. In reality, it has the same risks as any other Wall Street investment and requires better guidance than a Facebook group. At US VetWealth we are a licensed Investment Advisor Representatives and we are fiduciaries. We'll help protect and grow your TSP, IRA's and 401K savings for retirement. 

Post-Military Income Strategy

The false assumption given to most active-duty military is that they are "poor" financially compared to their civilian counterparts. The truth is, the pay and benefits you receive often puts you in the upper middle class. Then, once your draw a pension and VA disability income along with a new career, you could be in the top 1% of military income earners!  If that's inevitable, then why would you do your financial planning like the other 99%? 

Why We Offer a FREE Asset Map

Military Retirees aren't given a clear picture of their financial benefits. This makes it impossible for them to feel confident about the future.  

We fix that in just 15 minutes! Complimentary for you.

asset map

We Insure Money Is the Last Of Your Worries in Post-Military Life

Welcome to the US VetWealth Advanced Financial Literacy and Strategy for Financially Savvy Career Military Families

Reduce Financial Stress

End the stress and uncertainty of post-military life by protecting your assets & benefits. 

Understand Your Benefits

Be confident you made informed decisions about your benefits.

Maximize Wealth

Wealth is about time, not money.  Learn to leverage your income producing potential.

Retiring Military - Income Strategy Education and Resources 

Recommended Webinars

The Best Survivor Benefit Plan Alternative

This webinar is a must watch for any career military couple regardless at how far you are from retirement.  You will learn how the SBP really works and how much cost you'd be paying to the government that could be working for you.

The key to avoiding the costs of SBP is to ensure your can get qualified on the free market!  

The Coming Veteran Retirement Crisis

Well before the COVID-19 crisis dramatically impacted the economy and American way of life there were already worries about the next stock market crash.  Veteran's have the vast majority of their savings linked to retirement accounts that at fully at risk of major losses during the next crisis.  

Do you want to guarantee your retirement income is there when you need it?  Then you need to watch this webinar NOW!

Understanding the Survivor Benefit Plan & VGLI Problem

The 30 year cost of SBP and VGLI can easily reach between $100K - $350K depending on rank. What they aren't telling you is the real opportunity cost is triple that number. With the Spouse Benefit Plan we help it work in your favor.

The Spouse Benefit Plan

10 Advantages Of The Spouse Benefit Plan Plan

Holistic financial planning is something of a many-headed monster. Most financial planning vehicles only to do one thing, and some of them don’t even do it very well. There are various kinds of retirement plans,

Read More

Our Book Recommendations For Retiring Military

Your Life and Military Retirement Book Cover

Learn How to Insure the Income Potential of a Life

Veteran Wealth Secrets Cover

Leverage Veteran Benefits & Increase Human Capital

Veteran Retirement Rescue Book Cover

Invest For Retirement Without Complexity, Risk and Stress

Podcast Recommendations

Holding Down the Fort Logo

Holding Down The Fort Podcast

Military Spouses are the backbone of our community. This podcast interviews spouses of all walks of life and  shares the most inspiring stories about the struggle of life as a career military family.

Veteran Wealth Secrets Podcast Cover

Veteran Wealth Secrets Show

Have you ever thought to yourself, why didn't someone share this secret with me sooner!? Hear stories from Veterans who had to carve their own path and learn how you can too. 


Get2Vet Podcast

The military retirement process is a firehose of information that leaves most Veteran frustrated. Join Mike and Trevor as they interview the experts to help you avoid the pitfalls of military transition and retirement.

Your Life and Military Retirement Book Cover

Get the New Book!

Most retiring career military service members and their families don’t understand the real value of their military pension, and retired military are led to believe that costly military life insurance benefits are the only feasible option for protecting that pension. Fortunately, modern advancements in the insurance industry offer a viable alternative to the Survivor Benefit Plan and Veterans Group Life Insurance – an alternative that provides both security and liquidity for the insured while they are still living and that gives them the ability to leave a lasting legacy.

Learn our Military Retirement Secrets

What Should I Do With My Thrift Savings Plan When I Retire From The Military?

WATCH THE WEBINAR: A Better Survivor benefit plan alternative