April 5, 2020

3 Problems With Financial Planning for Military Retirement

It's far past the time to upgrade Financial Planning for Military Retirement and Wealth Management for Veterans seeking more autonomy in life. Yet, in 2020 the vast majority of financial advice, tools, technology and philosophy are still based on out-dated methodologies developed before the internet age, the financial crisis, social media, and mobile technology.

1. Active Duty & Veterans Military Transition Problem

When we decided to join the military, we signed up to serve our country. We were aware that some financial pay and benefits would come along with the commitment but never made that our focus. Until… they made it all about the military benefits. In this day and age, it is more difficult for the DOD to compete with universities and corporations, and that has forced them to create attractive retention programs. They turned us into employees focused on retirement.

We have forgotten that our desire to serve is our top priority, not financial planning for Military Retirement. We want to secure our service.

This problem is compounded by two factors:

  1. 1
    Naturally we are used to following orders and SOPs and have made the assumptions that DOD benefits programs are mandatory (they’re not), that they are provided by the government (they’re outsourced to contracted private companies), and that they are the best option no matter what (uhhh… since when is a government program the most efficient option?).
  2. 2
    Military and Veterans are told they deserve even more help from the American taxpayer. Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter, the reality is that this has backfired. It has left a generation of veterans confused about their finances, and expecting income and wealth to be as systematic and easy as it is on active duty. 

The DOD competes with universities and corporations by creating attractive retention programs. Service members have shifted their focus from service to employment. Furthermore, they are taught to focus on retirement planning, rather than how to transition from the military to the civilian workforce. The initial desire to serve our country is lost. Without proper education service members struggle to find a sense of purpose in post-military life, which also affects their financial decisions.

2. Career Military & Spouse Retirement Problem

Career service members and their families have sacrificed years of their lives in service to our country. They deserve the valuable pension offered when they retire. What if we told you the reality is… this is NOT HAPPENING. At least not how we have all been led to believe. The status quo approach to financial planning for military retirement benefits has led far to many veterans to chase paychecks instead of purpose.  

The recent implementation of the new “Blended Retirement System” was masterfully rolled out with a fanfare of confusion and cliches. The underlying truth that the government never told our veterans is that they ran out of money, so they can’t afford to take care of the future veterans.

On the surface, this should sound like a major concern. From a tax payer perspective, it certainly does continue to prove the inefficiencies of the current system. From a veteran's perspective, they want to know that they will receive the benefits that they served for.

We now have an opportunity to give our veterans the responsibility that they have been seeking. But now, it’s up to us to educate ourselves and our fellow service members on the true value of their pension.

Career service members and their families have sacrificed years of their lives in service to our country. With US VetWealth, we show you how you can attain the valuable pension you deserve when you use a modern approach to financial planning for military retirement or transition.

3. Veterans Retirement Growth & Distribution Problem

You are a part of a forgotten generation of Veterans entering retirement after years of military and federal service, and no one is helping you manage your life savings during the time you are transitioning out of the military and after.

You have been largely ignored by the financial industry because your “investable assets” have been locked up inside of the Government Thrift Savings Plan or Company 401Ks and other qualified retirement plans.

But now as veterans are retiring en masse, so are those same financial professionals who ignored you before. And the new generation of advisers aren’t taught to help these veterans because they’ve been told veteran’s don’t have money to invest and won’t pay their fees.

How is that being a “fiduciary?”

The New Financial Planning for Military Retirement Strategy

Our idea is The USVW TSP/401k (Retirement Rescue) Private Pension Plan, a unique solution developed with the modern professional veteran in mind. Veterans in or nearing their retirement have earned the right to finally have a trusted guide and resource to maximize retirement dollars that are currently in storage. Without the high fees, shaky performance, and risk of principle loss associated with other investment advisers.

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