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Military Retirement SBP Cost Calculator: How to Analyze Probability of Outcomes for Military Families

Welcome to the first and most important lesson of the Easy SBP Decision Course. In this video, we will guide you through the process of using the US VetWealth Military Retirement SBP Cost & Probability Calculator to make a smart decision regarding your Survivor Benefit Plan.

Whether you are a military retiree or a spouse, understanding the costs and probabilities associated with SBP is crucial for planning your post-military life.

Calculating Military Retirement SBP Costs and Probabilities:

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is a program that provides a benefit to survivors of military retirees. However, it's essential to recognize that SBP is only beneficial if there is a survivor. To determine the worth of SBP and assess its costs and probabilities, we have created a comprehensive calculator.

The calculator simplifies the process by consolidating all the necessary calculations into one spreadsheet. Instead of navigating multiple websites and calculators, you can conveniently access all the information you need in one place.

Understanding the Value of Your Military Pension:

Before diving into the calculations, it's important to consider the value of your pension. Your military service and the 20+ years you've dedicated to it hold intrinsic value. Calculating the worth of your pension will give you a starting point for assessing the relevance of SBP to your financial future.

Using the SBP Premium Calculator:

Our user-friendly calculator allows you to input relevant information, such as your military retirement pay, birth dates, and retirement date. As you make changes to these variables, the calculator dynamically updates the data, providing you with accurate costs and probabilities.

SBP Costs and Benefits:

The calculator provides a breakdown of the costs associated with SBP, both annually and monthly. Additionally, it presents the probabilities of receiving any money back from SBP, considering various scenarios.

For example, let's consider a case study of a 30-year-old retired servicemember. Regardless of their rank or health, the cost of SBP is a fixed percentage, 6.5%. Over time, this cost can accumulate to over $300,000. However, the likelihood of receiving any benefit is contingent upon the spouse surviving the retiree for a specific period.

Analyzing SBP Survivor Benefit Probabilities:

The calculator goes beyond cost analysis and delves into probabilities. While there is a relatively high probability (around 74%) of receiving at least one month of payment, the chances diminish when considering the full value of your pension.

To fully extract the value of SBP, the spouse would need to survive the retiree by 20 to 30 years. However, these probabilities tend to decrease to single digits. Understanding the likelihood of achieving these scenarios is crucial for making an informed decision about SBP.

The War Chest SBP Alternative Strategy:

To provide an alternative to SBP, our calculator introduces the concept of the War Chest Strategy. This strategy considers replacing SBP with a lump sum death benefit. By redirecting the same amount of money that would have been paid into SBP, you can fund a war chest account, which offers greater flexibility and accessibility.

The war chest strategy utilizes index universal life insurance to provide uncapped growth and a long-term care component. By utilizing this strategy, you can potentially obtain higher death benefits while benefiting from a more efficient outcome.

military retirement sbp cost

Make an Easy SBP Decision:

Making a well-informed decision regarding the Survivor Benefit Plan is vital for your post-military life. By utilizing the US VetWealth SBP Cost & Probability Calculator, you can assess the costs, probabilities, and worth of SBP and compare it to alternative strategies like the War Chest. 

Understanding these calculations will enable you to confidently navigate the decision-making process regarding your financial future.

If you would like a more in-depth understanding of the SBP decision-making process, we recommend purchasing our Easy SBP Decision Course, available on our website at

This course provides comprehensive video tutorials that address various scenarios and guide you towards making competent and confident decisions regarding the Survivor Benefit Plan. Visit our website today and take the first step towards securing your financial future.

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