About Trevor Maxwell

My name is Trevor Maxwell. I am a veteran of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Since my retirement in 2018, I have found my sense of purpose in helping transitioning service members and veterans achieve their own success.

“You can either look like you have money at 30... or actually have money at 50.”

Trevor's Story

After spending the majority of my 20-year career in the ranks of the Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community, I knew that for me to stay happy, I would have to continue to challenge myself in the next chapter of my life as I had during my service.

As it is with most service members, my military transition was without a doubt, the MOST stressful time of my career…and that’s coming from a bomb tech with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Later, I would realize that most of that stress came from the fact that I wasn’t just changing jobs, I was assuming a new identity, the identity of Trevor Maxwell, and to be honest, that was a scary thought.

My current path really started when I was referred by a friend to a Financial Advisor who worked closely with the SEAL and EOD communities to help me prepare for my transition, and during one of our meetings, he said to me “You seem like you really like this stuff, maybe you should come work with me when you retire.”

Maxwell Family

I hadn’t really considered that before, but I’ve always been one to pursue interesting opportunities, and I immediately fell in love with what I was doing.  A couple of years later, I decided that I needed to continue to challenge myself by joining the US VetWealth team and taking on a new perspective on how the Financial Services profession can be practiced.

Financial Literacy and Military Transition education is a personal passion of mine, and in addition to several speaking engagements that I perform on a regular basis, I’m excited to release the Military Money Mistakes “bookcast” with my USVW teammate Jen Amos, to help ensure that service members and their families are making decisions about their finances that are based off knowledge instead of feelings.

Work with Trevor

My primary focus is helping retiring service members find alternatives to the Survivor Benefit Plan and answer the question; Is the TSP Expense Ratio a Good Reason to Keep Your Thrift Savings Plan?, I also host the Get 2 Vet Military Transition Podcast and serve as an Executive Coach for The Honor Foundation.

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Note: If you’re having trouble making decisions about your military transition, connect with me on LinkedIn, and let’s see what I can do to help you!