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Military Retiree Life Insurance Policy Design

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Life insurance is very important for your family’s financial security. It’s not just about helping them if something happens to you, it’s also about protecting your own income. US VetWealth offers different types of life insurance to help you earn money while you’re still alive. This can be useful for achieving your financial goals, such as saving for retirement or your child’s college education.

Maxwell Family Life Insurance

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Designed to Maximize Your Benefits

Smart Insurance for Military Retirees

Build a comprehensive War Chest with our diverse life insurance options, ensuring maximum benefit from your military service.

Permanent Life Insurance

Build tax-free equity and secure a lasting legacy with modern permanent insurance, designed for high-income earners to simplify wealth management.

Convertible Term Insurance

Easily replace costly government insurance like SGLI, VGLI, and SBP with flexible modern term insurance that can convert to a permanent policy as your needs evolve.

Chronic Illness Insurance

VA Disability benefits are for today, not for future medical costs. Our plans include chronic illness insurance at no extra cost, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Retirement Income Insurance

Life insurance isn’t just about death benefits. We give you access to modern cash value life insurance and indexed annuities ensure you have a reliable income stream during retirement.

US VetWealth is an independent broker with access to 70+ of the top carriers.

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