September 4, 2019

The New Military Financial Services For Veterans


It's Time For An Upgrade

Veterans are suffering the side effects of military financial services, financial planning theories and military benefits programs left over from the 70s and 80s. We are receiving all of our career and financial influence from the two slowest-moving and most corrupt industries that exist: the greedy knuckleheads on Wall Street and K Street. These theories are old and misguided. They are bad for veterans, and they are bad for America. And they don't help transitioning service members decide what to do after a military career.

Let me tell you why.

Veterans have been led blindly into a financial quagmire of lost potential and opportunity. In our careers and in our financial lives, we are fighting the old fight using old tactics, tools, and strategies. You deserve to be led on a counter-offensive using modern technologies and tactics. There is no better time than now to maximize our full strength as veterans serving together, once again, to preserve liberty.

Bad Leadership Creates Apathy

Sadly, blood has already been spilled on our home soil as mediocre leadership, disingenuous politicians, and the general ambivalence and “what are you going to do for me” attitude of many Americans have slowly created a new domestic enemy: pure mediocrity. It’s the same enemy that the Romans ignored, but we are smarter. We have something they don’t: a crazy, messy experiment called liberty. And if we want to keep that liberty, then America needs its veterans to be successful, to join the wealthy, and to become the new leaders.

The years before the Internet age were peaceful. The economy was booming. But in the past several decades, we have not been good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Our economy has been propped up by massive debt. Our current military financial services and education, and the political leadership on both sides are telling us to keep spending money and go into even more debt?! And now we’re going to leave our economic problems for the millennials to solve??!!

This is WRONG.

military financial services

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A Time For Better Military Financial Services

We are living in different times than we were even 20 years ago. We have entered a completely new phase of the industrial revolution. This is the Internet age. We are living in a connected global economy in which anything is possible. Veterans are entering it 20 years behind the power curve, but there is opportunity in their position. Our global internet economy is changing fast, but veterans are fast learners. And the millennials are BEGGING for our leadership, so let's lead them!

As leaders, we need to know the actual rules of the game we are playing. The rules from the 70s and the 80s cannot help us. They don’t apply anymore. There are no finite solutions to today’s economic problems. Getting veterans a “job” is yesterday’s finite solution to yesterday’s problem. It misses the point and only pretends to be an answer. Those who council transitioning veterans to transition in the same way that their fathers and their grandfathers did are playing the wrong game, and they’re telling veterans to play the wrong game.

Life is finite, sure; but the possibilities of how to live a life are infinite. Life truly is a journey, IF you are playing the right game. 

In the old game, we threw our resumes out there, and competed against others for the same job. In this new game, in our new modern and interconnected global economy, we compete every day against ourselves, not others. In order to play this new game, we have to ask ourselves not how to win the game, but how to get better at playing it than we were yesterday. And in order to play this new game, we need those modern technologies and tactics that I mentioned.

Avoid a Waste of Veteran Potential

Unfortunately throughout the years, both veterans and civilians have only been presented with a small and skewed picture of the financial products that are available for themselves and their families. These squandered military benefits have manifest into a tremendous opportunity cost: the lost potential of veterans who have been steered to seek a job for a paycheck rather than to seek a calling in which they can continue to serve our nation. Veterans aren’t in the game for the paycheck, but they have been told to believe they are.

This is a waste of America’s greatest resource: her Sons and Daughters. Veterans simply are not shared the WHOLE TRUTH and are not being FULLY INFORMED of the WHOLE list of military retirement benefits available to them when it comes to protecting their loved ones and properly building financial security. It is time to make a change.

If you don’t want to go into today’s battle with yesterday’s weapons and leverage modern Military Financial Services, then Schedule a Call Today!

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