The Privately-Owned Pension Insurance System

How to Navigate Your Military Retirement Pay 

This pages provides you complimentary access to all the resources you need to make a solid plan for opting-out of the survivor benefit plan and designing your own private life insurance alternative.

Here's what is inside:

  • Complimentary onboarding call to help you get answers quickly
  • 36-Page Guide detailing why to decline SBP & what to do instead
  • Video Library of Pay & Benefits insights and strategies.
  • Weekly Private Q&A Calls with our Military Pension Protection Experts.
Military Retired Pay O5 guide

Current Available Editions: E8, E9, O5, O6

Make the Most of Your Retiree Pay & Benefits

  • Keep 100% of your military pension
  • Guarantee an ROI while avoiding SBP/VGLI sunken costs
  • Add customizable benefits not available through old solutions
  • Create a long term care plan that cost nothing unless needed
  • Grow and access cash equity without waiting 30 years or more