Military Retirees Adjusting to the Real World: Stop Expecting Everything To Be Free

It’s a common misconception that everything should be free, especially when transitioning from the military to the civilian world. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of recognizing the value of things and understanding how business works in the civilian economy. We’ll also discuss the challenges faced by veterans navigating their way through the civilian world and offer insights on building a highly adaptable financial plan.

Adjusting to the Real World

The video begins with Trevor highlighting the need to stop expecting everything to be free after leaving the military. He reminds us that the real world requires us to pay for certain things. While not everything comes with a price tag, it’s essential to acknowledge the value of goods and services, an important step in adjusting to civilian life.

Recognizing the Importance of Respect

Scott joins the conversation, emphasizing the significance of taking business seriously and treating others with respect in a professional setting. He notes that blowing off meetings or not showing respect can lead to missed opportunities and damaged connections. As veterans transitioning to professional environments, it’s crucial to remember that our livelihoods are at stake, and we should strive to serve while also expecting mutual respect.

Understanding the Learning Curve

Trevor acknowledges that transitioning into civilian life is a learning curve for active duty personnel, especially for those who have been in active duty for a significant period. He shares his experience of joining the Navy at the age of 17 and realizing the stark differences between military life and the civilian world. This understanding is vital in managing expectations and adapting to new professional and financial situations.

The Impact of Military Service

Reflecting on their military service, Trevor and Scott discuss how being part of the military changes one’s mindset. Even if they leave the military early, they are forever transformed by their experiences. They highlight the importance of recognizing the opportunities that military service provides while also preparing for a future outside the military, an essential part of career planning post-military.

Navigating Post-Military Life

The video raises the point that the world has changed dramatically since many veterans joined the military. Information and technology have surged, and it’s essential to adapt and understand the civilian world. The blog post touches on the importance of staying informed about current events and the economy, as the world is constantly evolving, a key skill in money management for former military.

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