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Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Cost Analysis 

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is the most misunderstood and over-utilized Government financial program we see among career military, as well as among veterans serving as federal employees. This program was designed almost five decades ago, is costly and inflexible, and doesn’t give you the control over your benefits that you have earned. While touted as a government program, you’re paying the SBP cost as a group insurance without being rewarded for your age or health. Our analysis is quick and easy and designed to give you the answers you need. Act now: far too many don’t even learn about this mandatory decision until their retirement briefing and that is far too late!

Thrift Savings Plan and 401k Rollover Process

Every time a veteran leaves military service, changes jobs, or starts a new career, they are usually presented with a benefits package. Typically, a qualified retirement savings plan is one of the primary incentives. These days, many veterans are changing employers every few years and don’t have the proper guidance about what to do with their old retirement plans. Many of their assets remain at the old plan, paying high fees and without investment advice. You may have heard about rollovers, but 401k providers make rollovers difficult to process (they don’t want to lose those fees). We will help you analyze your old accounts and facilitate a rollover or transfer of assets without any cost to you. Learn more about this specialized program for veterans today. 

SGLI and VGLI Transition Program

Service members are familiar with the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program because they see premium costs coming from their Leave and Earnings Statement each month and know that their beneficiary will receive a death benefit should something happen to them while they are serving. Seems like a good deal, right? The problem is that the death benefit isn’t enough for most families, but they assume it is. The government made it that amount for a reason, didn’t they? In reality, SGLI is underwritten by a private insurance company contracted by the government. This is important to understand because the day you leave the military this programs ends. As a veteran, now you have an opportunity to avoid costly programs like VGLI and FEGLI by outsourcing to a private insurance provider directly instead of going through a government program. 

NOTE: SGLI premiums are now only $25/month!  Yay! Thanks for the HUGE savings Uncle Sam... 🙄

Whole Life Cash Value Exchange System (1035) 

Love ​ it or hate it, whole life insurance has become a staple among many financial planning solutions geared toward the military community for decades. Whole Life is a type of permanent insurance that offers a fixed premium and the ability to earn dividends to grow a cash account inside the policy at a fixed rate. These programs allow you to “bank on yourself,” but they also have high costs, don’t reward you for good health, take years to accumulate, and lack the flexibility that today’s Veterans and their families demand. The good news is that innovations in the insurance industry have created a tremendous opportunity for whole life policy owners to finally take control of these accounts, significantly reduce costs, and greatly increase growth potential, all while maintaining a tax-free status. 

Veteran Retirement Income Consultation

Are you within the 10-year retirement window and concerned about whether or not you’ll have enough money to live on? We know that most veterans are asking themselves this question, especially today, given the state of the markets and government deficits. Many fear their benefits won’t be available to them and find most financial advisers either don’t understand or don’t properly address veterans' issues. They’d rather just sell you a product. That’s why we designed the Veteran Liberty Plan. We will work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and resources and offer sound advice without forcing you to buy a financial product with high fees. Contact us today for a FREE initial review.

Term Life Insurance Policy Review

We believe that term insurance is by far the most misunderstood and misused financial product ever invented. Insurance companies love to sell it because 98% of the time the policy will end before being used, that's free premiums to the company they are happy to take. The vast majority of financial education providers and professionals will talk about term insurance like an afterthought and they make it seem like an easy sale for the military community. They do this because they are assuming everyone in the military is the same and that those in the military don’t make enough money to require real advice. These assumptions are wrong, and they won’t take the time that we do to not only understand the realities of the life insurance marketplace, but also to look at your unique situation and not just lump you into a pay-grade. Term Life is for catastrophe, similar to home and auto insurance. Contact one of our experts today to review your policy and ensure you have the best fit today.

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Scott R. Tucker is an author, speaker and the founder of US VetLife/US VetWealth, a lifestyle and financial consulting brand that helps service members go from paychecks and government benefits to wealth and liberty. He likes to say, "I Help The 1% Who Serve Our Country Become The 1% Who Influence It." A West Point graduate, serial world traveler, military financial expert, and entrepreneur, Scott brings valuable experience and insight to those who have sacrificed so much in service to our country. He's the Rosie Network's #1 Fan and a passionate supporter of the Veterans Cannabis Project.

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