Complete Your Working Life With Honors

We help you stop worrying about out-living your money in retirement and becoming dependent on your children, so you can leave the legacy you want.

Keep Uncle Sam Out of Your Retirement Equation

There are 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, and $22 Trillion of Gov't debt.  How does this all get paid for without raising taxes on retirees?

Have No Fear of the Next Market Correction

We are currently facing a second period of "irrational exuberance" as the stock market has been bullish since 2008. How long until the next major market correction?

Leave More to Your Loved Ones & Charity

People are living much longer than they ever intended to because of advances in health care.  This increases the risk of depleting assets to pay for care.


How to Avoid Retirement Failure?

The Unfortunate American Career-to-Retirement Story

You are a successful career professional who can’t foresee when you will be able to stop working. You’ve done everything that you were supposed to do from a financial planning perspective, but 30 years later your life isn’t feeling any different than it did when you started working. You’re not financially desperate, by any means, but you’re not as financially comfortable as you feel that you ought to be at this point in your life. When you look around yourself, your colleagues seem to be living a comfortable lifestyle; but behind closed doors, everyone’s afraid. None of you know what to do other than to continue doing what you were told to do in your thirties.

You’ve done all the hard work, and the end of that work should be in sight, but you have only a foggy idea of how to maintain your current lifestyle. You watch the same fake news that everyone else does, and you worry about and fear interest rates, tariffs, impeachment, and economic, political, and social uncertainty.

You have a set amount you want to be able to spend each year, and you won't be able to retire until you know you have enough in the nest egg to support yourself for the rest of your life. You want financial independence, but you don’t know how to achieve it.

What Every Hard-Working American Should Have:

You work when you want, in order to keep your benefits and a sense of purpose, and to keep life interesting. You enjoy doing things that you are good at, and paying the bills is not a source of worry. You are financially independent, and you make your own schedule. Because of the steps you have already taken with your finances, you will never have to worry about paying bills again. You will also never need to add any more money to your savings in order to continue to live the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. 

"As Veterans who have served overseas, our love for America runs deep, but that does not extend to the U.S. Treasury. This is why top CPAs, Accountants, and Tax Attorney' trust us to guide them, their wealthy clients, and business owners through tax mitigation solutions, veterans benefits, and estate and litigation protection. "  

Ethan Samuels - LEGACY Founder

Does This Sound Like You?

You did all the right things that you were told to do when you were 30, and yet you’re not only still working, you’re facing retirement failure.

You will most likely:

  • Outlive your money and become dependent on your children
  • Be unable to leave a lasting legacy
  • Always be at the risk of losing your savings to an increase in taxation brackets
  • Always be at the risk of losing your savings to increased market volatility

What if there's a way to not have to save more money for retirement?

A Simple Path to LEGACY



Take Inventory of Your Financial Resources

When you meet with a US VetWealth - LEGACY qualified expert guide you will receive a consultation and strategy session to review your possibilities.  


Implement USVW Legacy Solution

Depending on how you are able to qualify, our guide will walk you through the process to implement a strategy you know will guarantee a secure future.


Stop Working When YOU Want and Own Your Time.

Ultimately, the return on investment you want from saving during your working years isn't more money. It's about having more time. Time to do the things you want with the ones that you love.

Permanent Private Pension

Their are too many variables in the modern economy to leave your life savings in the hands of Wall Street and Congress.

Qualified Reset Solution

Our plan can turn a tax-qualified account into a tax-free bucket that will continuously and perpetually refill itself.

Life Longevity Protection

People are living longer and now face the risk of long-term care and health care costs destroying their life savings.

This is About More Than Retirement, It's About LEGACY

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