Smarter Wealth is Better.

No-B.S. guidance and technology for those ready to trust themselves. Introducing US VetWealth's new technology partner, Betterment. 

Finally Rid Yourself of A Financial Advisor

Why is money management so confusing? It was in someone's best interest to make it difficult to understand, but clearly not your best interest. Financial firms are incentivized to keep the knowledge and tools to themselves so they can charge you for access to it.  Well, times have changed. You don't need them anymore... 

The Current Money Management Dilemma

How many different money managers are "advising" your money? What tax status are your accounts? How does that impact you? How are fees being charged? Do you have access to an old TSP or 401K?

Ultimately: Is your money aligned to your true goals and can you easily manage yourself, or have you been advised to save for retirement and never touch it? 

Do you know? Do you know who to ask?

Because of the misunderstood new fiduciary standard, traditional financial advisers are mostly focused on portfolio management, retirement planning, and your untimely death. They are not even able to ask you the real questions they ought to ask you. This is the root of the problem.

Money Management Made Easy

New technology allows us to save time and avoid paying for an expensive financial planner. Now you can spend that time and cost investing in and learning wealth and liberty opportunities.

You have more important things in life than to simply limit your plan to retirement.

What we hear from military an veteran families about their pay and benefits:

"I Don't Get It."

Saving for retirement was supposed to be easy. But they didn't tell you other life goals would mess it up if you weren't flexible. There's too much to learn.

"I Have No Time For it."

Work and Family are a bigger priority.  Organizing your finances gets put on hold. You are working and saving a lot. You have no idea if you are doing the right things. You're not even sure what you want... So you are just doing the default, if that. 

"I Don't Know Who I Can Trust."

Exactly. There is no one to trust, ultimately, but yourself. But in order to do that you need to use the tools to handle the part you don't get and don't have time for.

What's changing? You don't need your dad's financial advisor anymore.

If There Was A Way To Take Back Control And Only Pay For The Value You Need, You'd Want To Know About It, Wouldn't You?

US VetWealth Solves This Problem in 3 Ways:

Intuitive Client Dashboard

The key to successful wealth creation is simplicity and confidence. Now you have that and more at your fingertips.

Better Investing Behavior

 The days of making emotional financial decisions are done. With clearly defined goals you will mange money confidently.

Low Cost & Tax Efficient

These two misunderstood and commonly overlooked factors have more impact on account growth than the markets.


US VetWealth uses technology to help you make the most of your money.

Betterment takes proven investment strategies that have been around for decades and uses technology to make them more efficient. Our goals are aligned: to increase your long-term returns.

Invest smarter for a comfortable tomorrow.

Our platform gives you access to the best low cost ETF portfolios and uses artificial intelligence to do the work we humans hate so we can focus on teaching you about Wealth & Liberty.

  • Built-in financial guidance
  • Tax Smart technology
  • Transparent 1.00% maximum annual fee
  • Dedicated on-boarding Team
  • Access to US VetWealth Expert Guides
WORKING with US VetWealth

BONUS: No-Cost High-Yield Savings

Betterment Everyday is our savings and checking platform that seamlessly integrates with your US VetWealth dashboard with no fees. Earn up to 0.40% APY* with Savings and get ATM fees reimbursed worldwide with Checking‡, insured by FDIC.

Monitor your financial accounts in one place.

Get a clear view of your net worth by syncing your outside accounts, such as bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Whole Life Insurance, IRAs, 401Ks, and other investments.

Getting Started Is Easy

#1 Dashboard Registration (Free)

When you click the Get Started button below, you'll be taken through a quick series of questions to get set up in about two minutes. That's it! Once you are logged in you can immediately begin syncing your bank and external accounts for monitoring. You can also begin setting up goals, open accounts, transfer investments, or rollover a retirement account. 

BONUS:  You can open a High-Yield Savings Account at NO COST

#2 Schedule On-Boarding Call

Once you have opened an investment or retirement account, you'll receive an email to schedule a Zoom call with your personal expert guide and relationship manager. On this 30 min call we will answer any questions you have and assist with the Betterment platform. Then we will spend the majority of the call discussing all the other great resources your get for joining our community.

#3 Enjoy Wealth & Liberty

Once you become a student with the team at US VetWealth, you will have the opportunity to access our vast and growing educational resources developed specifically for you.  

Don't limit yourself to advice from just one financial planner anymore... you need a "money manager" that frees you to create new opportunities with a network of expert guides. Now with Betterment as a strategic partner, we can 10x the value we bring to our clients at less cost.

That is the real way to bring wealth and liberty into your life.

Scott R. Tucker - US VetWealth Founder & Betterment User

90 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

At US VetWealth, we are committed to providing our customers with a great investing experience. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Betterment account, we will do everything we can to make it right, up to and including waiving Betterment's management fees for the next 90 days1.

Pricing with US VetWealth and Betterment

Help with your account or finances

Account security and privacy