December 2

Did you know the VGLI will charge you higher rate fees as you get older?

The Unknown Costs of VGLI

Do you know how much a Veterans Group Life Insurance policy actually will cost you 5, 10, or 20 years after you leave the military? Did you know how drastically the costs will skyrocket!?

When you transition out of the military, the Prudential VGLI is considered to be the replacement for the SGLI from when we were active duty. Most active duty service members have never heard of this and falsely make the assumption, or ever worse are led to believe it if roughly the same type of coverage that you get from SGLI.

Nothing could be further from the truth! These aren't "sweet deals" as you are led to believe.

They are costly, paid to a private insurer, and don't reward you for your health. In fact, they lump EVERYONE into the same plan.

Military benefits, modern financial expert guide and founder of US VetWealth, Scott R. Tucker explains how to calculate what taking the VGLI will cost as you near retirement. The VGLI will begin to charge higher rates exponentially more as you reach age 60.

Make sure you know if you will be able to afford that or look for a better option. Know what rate they are going to charge your when you get closer to retirement. 

Learn more by downloading our white paper all about the Survivor Benefit Plan and VGLI today!