by Scott R. Tucker

January 1, 2020

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“I want to help the 1% who serve our country become the 1% who influence it.”

Scott R. Tucker - US VetWealth Founder & CEO

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Hi, I'm Scott

Welcome to the about US VetWealth page. Our intention here is two fold. 

First, we want to educate you about the philosophy we call Wealth & Liberty, a modern approach to Military Financial Services. Second, we want to teach you how to create it for yourself.  We aren't here to preach you financial advice. In fact, that's exactly why we are so different. 

The world is changing fast and we believe the Military & Veteran communities are being taught out-dated tactics and strategies that cause a scarcity mindset that limits a tremendous amount of potential. The individual Veteran is being left behind.  

The Wealth & Liberty movement is about creating more abundance and opportunity so that you can have the freedom and financial independence to find your life's purpose. This means you can still leverage the sense of meaning you felt while in uniform. And what this really means is that you can keep your eye on the good you can do in future and stop being stuck in the accolades of the past.


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 We Don't Give You "Standard" Financial  Advice.

You don't need it anymore. Instead we give you the knowledge and confidence to trust yourself to make smart life decisions.

Give Me Liberty, or Give me Death

Retirement is not the priority. Preserving the ideals of this country is. We have much more important things to achieve together. 

Freedom > Time > Money

The goal is financial independence, not being rich. Saving money for 40 years isn't productive. You must use money to create. 

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Winner - Best Entrepreneur Startup Company

USAA Influencer

Digital MilEx - '17 & '18

In 2017, Scott was invited to join a select group of financial and media influencers to the Military community as a USAA Influencer. 

The BIG Idea: 

Creating the Future of Financial Services for the Military & Veteran Community

Current belief in the military community is that in order to make smart financial decisions, the primary objective is saving for retirement.  What led our community to believe retirement is the only smart financial decision? Isn’t it smarter to use your money to create value today? 

The financial principles that are being taught to our military are not up to date with the modern economy. Believing that the only goal is retirement causes our community to be stuck in mediocrity. Ultimately, retirement is actually just financial security at a certain age. What if you accelerate your timeline?

The solution is the Wealth and Liberty Strategy. 

We help veterans seize the opportunity that is transition and leverage their benefits to create true wealth. We incentivize military professionals to capitalize on their benefits and lead a life of service.

The Problem: Institutionalization

Institutionalization causes a complacency that limits your true potential to build financial independence. The traditional approach to financial planning was designed in the 1980's.

Government programs limit wealth potential. Retirement planning limits your liberty to serve. 

The Solution: Wealth & Liberty

Learn the truth about your resources and position your assets for the new economy.  Ensure your income, assets and benefits are positioned in YOUR best interest. Discover your purpose and continue serving without following orders in post-military life. Live your life with meaning and intention!

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The Full Story

US VetWealth is unique amongst military financial services firms because though we obviously deal with money, we are not about money: we are about opportunity, leadership, and service. Where traditional financial services firms will advise you to focus on retirement, here at VetWealth we understand that veterans are unique amongst Americans in that we have a passion for service in all that we do. That’s why we join the military―to serve our country. We all inevitably transition back out of the military, but that doesn’t mean that our passion for service goes away. Far too many veterans return to the civilian world and try to make themselves fit into the civilian work force and are not happy because they are not serving. They’re not serving the American people, and they’re not serving their own gifts and passions.

At US VetWealth, we want to change that. 

Traditional military financial services firms focus on guiding you towards saving for retirement. But most veterans will have a second lifetime and a second career between the time they get out of the military and the time they reach retirement age. They also have good they want to do in the world, and they don’t want to wait until they’re 65 to do it. Few people are saving enough for retirement; not because they don’t know that it’s something they ought to do, but because “retirement” is such a far-off and nebulous concept that most people don’t have much incentive to do it.

One thing about US VetWealth is that we believe that what incentivizes people is opportunity, and there's never been a better opportunity in the history of the human race than being a veteran in the United States of America right now. But if you haven’t positioned your money correctly, most veterans can’t and won’t take advantage of the opportunities they have in front of them.

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Scott R. Tucker at the National Veterans Memorial & Museum

The Veteran Behind US VetWealth

After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point soon after September 11th, 2001, I served in Iraq and Germany before separating from the military in late 2008 and beginning a career as a financial advisor serving American military and DOD personnel stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. It seemed like an amazing opportunity and a way to truly give back by serving others. But I was wrong. My last day in uniform was on September 10th, 2008. Lehman Brothers collapsed on the 15th. 

SHIT. HIT. THE. FAN. Whoops. Nothing like being a self-employed rookie in an industry that was rapidly imploding before my eyes while trying to make ends meet in a foreign country! 

As a new financial advisor, I went through all the required trainings. I wasn’t a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), but I did learn the standard philosophy and follow the rules and regulations and compliance of how everybody is supposed to save their money if they’re doing all the correct things from a fixed income perspective. I didn’t know any better, so I served my clients in that capacity. I kept at it for two years, burned through all my savings, lost my girlfriend (a German opera soprano), had no prospective business clients, and to top it off, I had no guidance from my mentors, who had 30+ years of experience and were now as lost in the sauce as I was.

My wake-up call came while working with a young woman that I always considered my best client and a good friend. She was a former Air Force officer working over in Germany as a Project Manager for one of the DOD contractors overseas. A single, 38-year-old former Air Force officer, she was doing everything “right” financially, and she had already managed to save $750,000, the majority of it in retirement accounts. She liked to go on weekend trips and really enjoy life. Any moment she could get away from work, she would travel. Her Facebook photos showed it. It was amazing to watch her.

She started to fall in love with going down to Africa to work with nonprofits and charitable organizations in Kenya and Ethiopia. I’m sure she thought she had a stable lifestyle. But every time we’d get together, she was always confused about how we did the retirement planning. She didn’t want to take risk in the markets. So we had her invest in low risk vehicles that offer absolute guarantees, in case the stock market crashed.

Then she got very passionate about these trips to Africa, and one day she asked, "What if I quit my job, used $20K, and went down to Africa and travelled the world for a year? Could I do that?" She was so nervous about the idea of quitting her job and using her money. This was at about the same time that I was starting to have philosophical problems with traditional financial planning. So I said, "Yes! Take the money! Use $50K if you want to. You have enough. You don’t spend it. Use your money. Go enjoy the life you want.”

And then she fired me.

She sent emails to my mentor about me being in over my head. And that’s when I realized that I wasn’t in over my head — everybody else was doing financial planning wrong. She had literally created the opportunity to do whatever she wanted, but somehow she had it in her mind based on all the poor information that society gives us that she couldn’t do it. 

The big takeaway? Veterans have been taught to manage their money, but they are afraid of actually using it.

From that point on, I believed that if I was being a “financial advisor” doing things the way that financial professionals are all told to do, then I was failing at providing true value to my clients. I wasn’t truly helping people. Anyone who has a passion they want to realize or a mission they want to accomplish needs money to do it, and I wasn’t having these kinds of conversations with my clients. All I was doing was telling people to do a budget and save for retirement. I wasn’t encouraging and enabling them to pursue their passions or life goals; I wasn’t allowing them to serve, to become the person they wanted to be. 

At one point I realized… I’m not even having that conversation with myself! That was a wake up call.

Around the same time, I noticed that I wasn’t the only veteran struggling with the transition into post-military life. Finding a job, which is what transition is typically considered to be about, is about money. I think it’s fair enough to say that sooner or later, everything comes back to money. But no one else was tying all of these things together.

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The Idea Behind US VetWealth

The idea behind US VetWealth is a new way of looking at post-military life financially. Veterans have access to a tremendous amount of taxpayer-funded benefits that nobody else in the world does, but most don’t understand them and are not using them correctly. We’re not being good stewards of the taxpayer dollars. We’re not keeping this money in the financial portfolios or budgets of our service members and veterans and their families.

To be blunt, we were taught limited and outdated theories about how to handle our financial futures. Veterans are suffering the side effects of financial planning theories and military benefits programs left over from the 70s and 80s. Our guidance has been derived from the least innovative and most corrupt industries led by greedy knuckleheads on Wall Street and K Street. These theories are old and misguided. They are bad for Veterans, and they are bad for America.

On the other hand, used properly, the assets veterans have access to can help position transitioning service members to not just have to get a job with a paycheck, but to actually create opportunity for themselves. That, in a nutshell, is what VetWealth does: we show you how to maximize your financial benefits so that you can enter post-military life with confidence, purpose, intent, and intention.

The US VetWealth Vision

Veterans’ understanding of post-military life affects how they treat their personal finances, and their opinion of themselves is hugely influenced by how the rest of the world sees them. The government sees the veteran as just another employee. Civilian corporations can sometimes see us as charity cases, and as such, they hire veterans to make themselves look good. There is a pervasive assumption that veterans are poor, and there are countless non-profits out there that want to lend us a helping hand. And how do veterans see themselves when facing transition? As unemployed.

Here at US VetWealth, we see veterans as leaders who are ready to embrace their next life’s mission. We see them as our nation’s great untapped potential, an amazing resource that this country has that can help to change things for the better. Veterans are the less than 1% of the American population who served. They have been given a unique opportunity to be in the 1% of Americans who are wealthy (and who consequently serve many), and they deserve to be in that 1%. They don't deserve to get left behind among the masses just slaving away for retirement one day.

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Who We Serve

At US VetWealth, we don’t want to waste our time or yours trying to convince you of the value we offer just to make a sale or get a client: our number one priority is to only serve those whom we are meant to serve, so that you can feel confident that we are looking out for your interests. 


We know where you’ve been. You have seen the old way of providing financial services for the military and veteran community. You either went along with the recommendations of a financial advisor and implemented the same typical financial plan that looks exactly like all of their other clients, or worse — you weren’t even inspired to take any action at all.  

Many in our community don’t know what they don’t know. The uncertainty of transition is only vaguely solved by government financial readiness programs and retirement briefings. While well intended, they don’t offer motivation to take action. And in the current private marketplace, financial advisors and planners have only a limited understanding of the uniqueness of military life and veterans benefits.

We have identified a very particular type of person/family who will benefit the most from our services.  Our clients know they belong with us.  They seek us out.  They feel the unique value. They want to know the new opportunities available to all those who serve in the modern age. What you don’t know will  affect your financial future. We are living in a unique time and place in human history.  Wealth is achieved by those who are following their passions. It’s a mindset shift from scarcity to abundance. There’s no better time in human history to use the liberty you’ve fought for to live a life of meaning. You have an opportunity to take advantage of that today, if you are ready.

Work With Us 

By thinking beyond the standard financial advice of buying a home, sending kids to college, and retiring, our mission is to help the 1% who serve our country become the 1% who influence it. We help veterans to properly use their money so that they can step out and become leaders. Our expectation is that this movement will snowball, and that we can get the majority of our community working together and using their money to live lives of intention, with a sense of meaning. When somebody wants work with us, it's really pretty simple, and that simplicity is one of the things that distinguishes us from the traditional financial advisor. We just educate for free. We give away everything that we know online, through videos, podcasts, books, and blogs.

If you like what you see, reach out to us. We will invite you to what we call a virtual info session, which is a form of a webinar. We like to keep it small and interactive so that you have an opportunity to ask questions. As we learn more and more from our clients and partners, we create additional resources so that we are always furthering that education process. We take the time to get to know each client as an individual, so we can better position their assets and current forms of income to allow them to participate in the modern age in the way that is most fulfilling for them.  

Our Top Recommended Resources


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Are you starting to think about your life after the military? Even if that is many years away, you need to start today! This free guide give you actionable steps you can implement today to be more intentional with your future.

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You want to be thriving in post military life, in order to do that, you need to adopt a wealth & liberty mindset. This book exposes the truth behind how your military benefits and retirement planning are hurting your potential, and what to do about it.

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Life, Liberty, and Purpose

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In this game-changing book, author and West Point Graduate, Scott R. Tucker shares his story and outlines the steps you must take if you want to stop following orders and join the modern economy serving those you are meant to serve. 


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You want to be thriving in post military life, in order to do that, you need to adopt a wealth & liberty mindset. This book exposes the truth behind how your military benefits and retirement planning are hurting your potential, and what to do about it.

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Schedule a Live or Virtual Workshop or a Personal Consultation

Whether for a group of transitioning service members or doing a personal branding deep dive you've never seen LinkedIn training like this in the military community. Contact us today to learn more.  

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Hire Scott to Speak at Your Event or Workshop

Known for his passion to explore beyond what we've been told to believe Scott brings a unique perspective to any audience.  Presentations and workshop topics range from military benefits, veteran entrepreneurship, to personal branding and publishing.

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About the author 

Scott R. Tucker

Scott R. Tucker is an author, speaker and the founder of US VetWealth, a lifestyle and financial consulting brand that helps service members go from paychecks and government benefits to wealth and liberty. He likes to say, "I Help The 1% Who Serve Our Country Become The 1% Who Influence It." A West Point graduate, serial world traveler, military financial expert, and entrepreneur, Scott brings valuable experience and insight to those who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.

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